War For Peace

by Ravana

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Cover Photo Courtesy - Dr. Das

Imagination Has Wings But It Don't Have Legs. It Can't Park It's Butt On A Sweet Comforting Grassy Landscape And Dream About The 'Love In The Air'

Ravana Music Has Got More To Do With The Abstractness Of Nature And The Unimaginable Mood That No One Can Gauge, Including Them. The Surprise Element That Is Surely Not Planned For Is The Key To A Distinctive Haze Of Sounds, That Becomes Likable With Time And The Most Essential Pattern Called Habit Or Repetition.

I Have A Software So I Produce Music. And I Really Can't Explain What This Is All About.

Interview To Hanuman While In Lanka

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WAR FOR PEACE by RAVANA - Ravana Tenheads is developing a new sonic language from delhi - a million miles from the excesses of hindi film, the embellishment of indian classical, or the imagined memories and self exoticism of the asian underground - stripped down, stark and heavy, the caustic soundscapes of Muslimgauze re-focussed and disciplined. The bass is all encompassing, compassionate and militant. The forthright percussion tears open and exposes a culture of hipocrisy and violence. This is a sound I have been waiting for, for a long time and attempting to reach, myself. Ravana is already there. Immerse yourself in these frequencies, listen with your body, and learn - Dr Das


released May 1, 2016



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Ravana New Delhi, India

In a Word: Mystical

In a sense, electronic music is a vacuum  - the entire damn genre started off as nothing more than a series of electrical inventions which gained popularity after composers applied them to their own cultures. New Delhi-based artist Ravana, named after the antagonist of Valmiki’s epic poem Ramayana, follows in these classics’ footsteps to re-imagine their music. ... more

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